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Brad Grimes | Grape Legends

Winemaker, Brad Grimes, wears many hats but principally he’s in charge of crafting the wines of the renowned Abreu Vineyard: www.AbreuVineyard.com Brad also shares his expertise with Rudd Winery: www.RuddWines.com

Interview Series – Click each question below to load it, above.

» Could you recall and share a short story?

» Fruition Sciences’ Thibaut Scholasch calls a vine a pipe. Fruition’s monitoring equipment measures sap flow. You said “…There’s a scientific part to their business that I just can’t align myself with.” However, Michel Rolland said “Of course we can do things like we did before with our own feeling, but somebody who is not able to change his mind will not be successful in the long term.”

» If you were a professional bowler, you’d be the one to covers your eyes when it’s your opponent’s turn to bowl.

» Favorite movie, and favorite movie scenes?

» The art of Judo rests on the principle of economy of motion. In your approach to winemaking have there been instances when you’ve pushed too far?

» “Pushing something–experimenting with something” is not what you do?

» Chris Ringland, for example, crafts wine in Australia and all the way over in Spain. Do you have a hankering to make wine anywhere else on the globe?

» Your boss, David Abreu, frequently traveled to Bordeaux with his business colleague and friend–your predecessor–Ric Forman. Chef, Tom Colicchio, said that “One goes to France to learn why one is doing what one does.”

» Nietzsche: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

» Along my paper-route as a child I relished a few seasons of biting into the peaches grown at one of my stops–the fruit in the most delicious years would burst as soon as I took my first bite. What’s it like to bite into grapes in the greatest vintages?

» You don’t seem like the person to consult at other wineries. Describe your initiative at Rudd.

» Insight from Rudd that you’ve carried back to Abreu

» If I jabbed my finger toward you, and asserted that ‘You make your olive oil for a particular critic’s palate,’ you would laugh. Are there really a preponderance of winemakers making their wines solely at the mercy of professional critics?

» When asked to describe your wines in terms of popular candies you said “One of those little TCHO chocolates–the single origin Peru 68%. Beautiful package, so simple in appearance yet so complex with so many layers of flavors.” The package is simple and counterfeiters must be licking-their-chops as your brand’s popularity soars.

» Outside of wine, with whom would you like to hang-out?

» I’ve appointed you chief of the hypothetical Bureau of Grape Growing & Wine Raising Controls & Regulations. Which “shortcuts” would you deem permissible and impermissible?

» As consumers of this costly, beloved beverage, what is it that we should know?

» In 2006 the Grand Jury Européen voted Abreu’s ’95 the winner of its double blind tasting of ’95 Bordeaux pitted against their ’95 Californian counterparts. Is tasting double-blind more than just a parlor game?