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Daniel Johnnes | Grape Legends

    Daniel Johnnes is the Wine Director for Daniel Boulud’s Dinex Group, including Restaurant Daniel, DB Bistro, DBGB, Cafe Boulud and Bar Boulud. He is also an author, and heads his own importing company DanielJohnnesWines.com Folks from around the globe travel to what Daniel has organized and billed as a Burgundy celebration, and to find out all about it, visit LaPaulee.com Daniel avidly Tweets so follow him @DanielJohnnes on Twitter

    Interview Series – Click each question below to load it, above.

    » Rudy Kurniawan: How would you describe his impact?

    » One high-end restaurant that comes to my mind seemingly has a policy to put wine in a decanter, knee-jerk, irrespective of the wine

    » As a prerequisite, it is imperative that a Sommelier work in the vineyard for a full season, or more?

    » A chef needs the best ingredients, a winemaker the best grapes, a Sommelier…

    » Of those to whom you have served wine, which ones leap to mind?

    » Do you want to weigh-in on Premox?

    » The late Sam Walton–famously or infamously–stole merchandizing ideas from other retailers. Your program of wine by the glass from a magnum was inspired by your visit to L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon. Are you incessantly seeking inspiration while at other restaurants?

    » All things being equal, stemware and temperature are the two most important considerations

    » The wine’s statistics, such as alcohol percentage, are they harmful, harmless, useful, useless?

    » Burgundy is characterized by high prices and is often called a minefield. Where do you comfortably escape to for the most satisfaction?

    » You’ve been around a lot of exceptional meals and been party to some extraordinary ones, but describe your perfect settings from start to finish

    » On a restaurant’s wine-list is there a place for “screwcaps?”

    » Anything relative wine that just drives you nuts?

    » Influence runs deep and wide in your profession, and the people who work the floor each night share an intimate knowledge of one another. Tim Kopec worked for you, and Ruben Sanz Ramiro for him. Is there anything, for example that you’d like to undo?

    » I feel that today’s classical pianists are conditioned in what amounts to a sanitized environment–and, most competing for awards. I fear that same movement afoot with today’s Somm’s–entering competitions and striving for those letters following their names, such as MS or MW

    » Being that you’re on the inside, what do you want those on the outside to know?

    » France is experiencing what some would say is a foreign invasion, others say it’s a loss of heritage, but what’s becoming of the investment in land from beyond her border?

    » Henri Jayer: Can you share a personal story?