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Jancis Robinson | Grape Legends

Author, TV star, Twitter sensation, wine critic, Master of Wine, Jancis Robinson provides voluminous content on her subscription-based website http://www.jancisrobinson.com/ Also, to whet your appetite, you’ll discover many articles that are provided “free for all.” Jancis, prolifically Tweets @JancisRobinson. Moreover, Jancis has just written along with Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz the massive tome called “Wine Grapes: A Complete Guide to 1,368 Vine Varieties, Including Their Origins and Flavours”

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» Alister Purbrick, CEO of Tahbilk, said “Given that most of the world’s wine writers, including James Halliday, are using the 100pts. system, I believe that Australia should change from our current 20pt. system so that our Australian awards have more relevance overseas as a marketing tool.”

» “Maybe, Riesling” is your favorite grape. A grape so beloved by so many, why is there still a desire to wordsmith its characteristics? Case in-point, Dr. Dirk Richter of Max Ferd Richter Estate “The wine never tastes sweet–the good Riesling wine–but, fruity.”

» Your followers might disagree with your belief that you “don’t have a special skill.”

» Young vines could produce just as exceptional a wine as elder ones?

» You were in California in the ’80s to bare witness to the ravaging effects of Phylloxera. From a foreigner’s perspective could you describe what that was like?

» Which stem do you prefer?

» A habit that you wish to get into and one you want to get out of

» Among the varieties in “Wine Grapes,” I’m struck by Germany’s stake in Spätburgunder’s success. Do they have a shot?

» James Molesworth tweeted “Always best to not decant. The glass is a decanter. So is the mouth. Better to watch a wine evolve than rue its demise.”

» “Wine is geography in a bottle,” you’ve said. However, standing in its way are a zillion manipulations.

» Although the relevance of awards is important to some, it’s quite challenging their merit

» Aside from the innumerable variables at large, of the 1,368 varieties profiled in your heavy, 7lb. book, the probability is quite high that many haven’t even been planted in their ideal locations to maximize and express their full beauty.

» Philanthropically, you’ve accomplished much. JACKIE Robinson said “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

» With the countless hours spent researching all of these extraneous “Wine Grapes,” had you encountered whites that could have been mistaken for reds–if blindfolded(and, vice versa)?

» Typicity: Does it really exist?

» As you know, for example, John McEnroe loosely strung his strings. Admittedly, I was quite shocked to learn that Roger Federer does. Have you ever had an aha moment, or were surprised to learn of something that shook a former belief from the many winemakers you’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the years?

» Your succession strategy

» Of the many flip-cam videos you’ve published, you filmed Robert M. Parker Jr. at the “Wine Future Hong Kong ’11.” In that short clip, Parker describes an ideal wine “has to offer depth and intensity-of-aroma, and flavor, without heaviness.” Why did you select that footage?

» Descriptions of wines can get long-in-the-tooth and downright pedantic

» Nicholas Landers, your husband, still serves you tea, in bed. Tony Bennett’s interpretation of “How do you keep the music playing” is my favorite. So, how do you?