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Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan | Grape Legends

    Master of Wine, TV star, Author, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan also serves as a judge at wine industry competitions. Please visit http://www.jennifersimonetti.com/ for all of Jennifer’s latest endeavors which include two recent books: “The One Minute Wine Master: Discover 10 Wines You’ll Like in 60 Seconds or Less” and “Pairing with the Masters: A Definitive Guide to Food and Wine.” Be sure to check out TheGreatCourses.com and follow @TheGreatCourses for which Jennifer is its series’ host. And, follow Jennifer’s own Twitter handle @JediWineMaster where she Tweets regularly.

    Interview Series – Click each question below to load it, above.

    » 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    » Was it intentional, or because inexpensive wine is frankly food’s best mate that your recent book “Pairing with the Masters” features so many wines that are under $25.00US?

    » Create a vignette for family members who want to know which red and white wines to get for a wedding or party.

    » Do you have a tattoo?

    » Marcelo Pelleriti said “A luxury wine is a wine to collect. But, a luxury wine for me is when I can drink good wine in the best moment.”

    » While working at what is now named Citigroup, you said you were in “Job-jail.” You must have drawn inspiration from someone to set-off on your career in wine

    » You Tweeted a link to an article about the Top 10 Totally Pointless Wine Accessories, but I had seen you wearing one of those magnetic bracelets

    » Trying to pair wine with food is as capricious as our nation’s marriages

    » Pet peeve

    » “South Africa, rocks!” you’ve said(because of its beauty). Is there another region that struck you because of its culture?

    » It’s been stated that Michael Jordan had eaten “All American steak and potatoes” prior to each basketball game. In preparation for tasting or judging, do you have a ritual, or will you avoid certain foods or beverages?

    » A quick story that you could share about an invaluable lesson you’ve learned

    » Growing-up in an Air Force family must have imparted what I perceive as your desire to analyze–above all.

    » Even for a professional it must be daunting to constantly be appointed to select the wines when out with company–or, at home–not knowing whether it will be met with approval or dissatisfaction

    » I’ll pour a wine, for example a sprity Txakoli, and with obvious acid, to my family or friends, and of course I’m eager to please so if they are displeased with their first sip, I’ll encourage them to take a second. Often, they are pleasantly surprised.

    » You said that studying for the Master of Wine Examination “Taught me more about myself than anything else.”

    » What’s your systematic approach to evaluating wines’ attributes?

    » Thomas Keller’s restaurant “Per Se” for example features SQN’s “On the Lam” and underscored as “Highly Recommended” on their wine list at $690.00. Also, the Viña Ardanza sells for $125.00. Mark-ups North of a multiplier of five, can arouse feelings of contempt especially in light of a corkage fee which is $90.00

    » Has your love of tea opened your mind up to anything in particular about wine?

    » Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”