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Josh Raynolds | Grape Legends

    Renowned wine critic, Josh Raynolds, is the assistant editor of the online publication called Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar, but simply referred to as the IWC. For the IWC, Josh critiques the wines of the following regions: Australia, Beaujolais, Champagne, Chile, Loire Valley, Mâcon, Oregon, Rhône Valley, Spain, and California’s Central Coast and Sonoma Valley. He is also a frequent contributor and collaborator at a FREE, informative site called WinoPhilia.com, which serves as an online wine magazine and a gateway to the IWC.

    Interview Series – Click each question below to load it, above.

    » Jean-Guillaume Prats’ definition of a great wine is “…one which you have difficulty to describe–same time has a sense of balance and harmony.”

    » Champagne: Climatic changes are affording more winemakers to forego dosage, entirely. On its labels there are calls for disgorgement dates and base vintages. Now, do you think whether a Champagne’s undergone dosage–or not–should be included on its label?

    » Poured a Roussanne for a person whom carried-on with much praise for it, then saw fit to rail against oaked wines. Following the rant, I asked the person if they were aware that ‘the Roussanne you are enjoying was raised in 100% new Oak?’ In return, I had received a blank stare.

    » What are some telltale signs that a wine is reductive?

    » Oz Clarke stated “…and, I’m getting more at ease with the power and the grandeur of the West Coast[USA], or is it that they are just quietly easing, back, on the throttle…”

    » Okay, so, the waiter arrives at your tables and says “The Chef just flew-in Langoustines from the pristine waters of Scotland.” Relative wine should the “story” impact your experiences, moreover, should you allow it?

    » Food and wine pairing: Can the whole be better than the sum of its parts?

    » John Gilman claimed that he “score[s] wines with higher acidity, higher.”

    » The decision to get rid of the print edition and go completely online: Could you give us an idea how that big decision unfolded with your boss? The discussions on the telephone…conversations over dinner

    » Blend vs. Varietal: Do you find one or the other more perplexing when assessing them?

    » The unknown unknowns are what make wine fascinating. Those same unknowns must also drive you bonkers. For argument’s sake you’re tasting a group of underperforming Pinot Noirs, yet it might be–to begin with–that those Pinot Noir grapes were the least ideal variety to have been planted at that given location.

    » The Provocateur himself, Michel Chapoutier, said “Acidity is a condom; it is security at the cost of pleasure. You need mature fruit, and for that you have to learn to let go of acidity. You don’t want overripeness, but we have taught winemakers, today, to worship acidity, and that is wrong.”

    » Theoretically, in the case of sterile-filtration, could 8 points be stripped from the resulting wine?

    » Injustices that you see occurring in the wine industry

    » “CellarTracker!” is the future and the professional wine critic is dead

    » You claimed that the ’07 Southern Rhones harbored residual sugar and therefore more vulnerable to outbreaks of Brett[anomyces]. Could you elaborate on that phenomenon?

    » Hypothetically speaking, you found-out that the winemaker had been using dye enhancements, a bunch of engineered yeasts that produced all sorts of flavors, etc. Does it matter?

    » Jack Handy said “I bet a funny thing about driving a car off a cliff is that while you’re in mid-air you still hit those brakes.” Is there something irrational that you can’t resist doing?