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Maggie Harrison | Grape Legends

Renowned winemaker, Maggie Harrison, presides over www.anticaterra.com and www.lillianwinery.com. Learn more about Maggie by visiting either of those web addresses. Also, you can follow Antica Terra, actively, on Facebook or Twitter handle @AnticaTerra which might see more activity in future.

Interview Series – Click each question below to load it, above.

» You have two kids. Are you going to allow them the freedom to globe-trot and find their stride the way that their mother had done?

» Compare and contrast your efforts in Oregon with California.

» On that day of reckoning, whose opinion about your wines would matter most?

» Some wineries have more in common with a laboratory than a workshop. Is your impulse to scientifically analyze wines, or not?

» You’ve got a lot of skin in this game of Pinot Noir, and in a relatively nascent, grape-growing region

» Do you fret-over which cork to purchase?

» Hypothetically, you are the conductor of an ideal meal. Tell everyone how that ensemble would play-out?

» I could be completely wrong—because I’m not a winemaker—but, I fantisize about that moment when you pour your wine into a fresh, new barrel that it’s akin to a father walking his child down the aisle and giving them away to matrimony.

» Antica Terra’s Rosé wine is not inexpensive. While some might want an explanation, discuss your inspiration.

» Marilyn Monroe said “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” Because you blazed your own path, certainly there are young girls who will be inspired to enter the wine business because of you.

» In winemaking there are countless choices, such as blending. Reminds me of “The Centipede’s Dilemma” when asked to consider which leg moved after which the Centipede, henceforth, was incapable of running.

» When your kids go outside to play, if they make mistakes, you get to sort them out and work harder. Making wine isn’t as forgiving. You ever regret leaving something on the table?

» You top your bottles with wax

» Give an example of proprietary knowledge that you’ve gleaned throughout the years that makes your craftsmanship simply better, and sets you apart from the rest.

» When your wines are no longer in your jurisdiction, do you shudder to think that a bottle of your wine is perhaps being poured at the wrong temperature, had been improperly stored, etc.—painting a false ceiling of the wine’s full potential?

» Have you mulled anyone’s comments about your wines and discovered that their remarks were implementable resulting in subsequent changes which had improved the quality of your wines?

» Gordon Ramsay’s notoriously outstretched hand, raised to the opposing side of his face–as if he’s letting us in on a secret–is a gesture that I often encounter when I ask the assistant winemaker ‘Who is really responsible for making the wine?’

» You’ve aroused a great deal of envy because you cut-your-teeth at Sine Qua Non. That’s, obviously, one way to become a winemaker

» It’s impossible for everyone to have the finest parcels of Earth, but that won’t stop anyone from expressing the virtues of their own